Beijing -- Autumn

Date: September 30 - October 10, 2001

Cool job
The city may be forbidden, but not the paint.
Forbidden City, Beijing.

Shopping Street

South of Simatai. A view from the Great Wall of China.

Great Wall at Simatai
Simatai Great Wall stretching West

North view from Great Wall

Another view West from the Great Wall, at Simatai.

with Joni
A happy smiling face meeting at the Great Wall.

Famous Dragon Wall

Lama Temple in Beijing

Outside the Lama Temple, nice garden

Lama Temple
Lama Temple Chinese Artistry

Long Corridor
Long Corridor at Summer Palace, Beijing.

Summer Palace pond
Pond at Summer Palace

Rooftops at Summer Palace, Beijing.

Some big steps on the staircase, Summer Palace.

Gazebo Art of Summer Palace

From Tibet with Color

Temple of Heaven, Beijing.

Beijing Univ.
Beijing (Peking) University photo