Pictorial Recap

World Cup index

Date: May-June, 2002

Usa Gold Cup Champion
February shows USA in top form, Gold Cup champions again!

Korea signs
March shows Korea preparing earnestly for their party: cutting-edge new sign techniques to help visitors.

And the soccer began, with the usual surprises, dominant exhibitions, and festivities.

Korean fan in form
And Korea and Japan prepared themselves, as the party opened.

Del Piero for Italy
Del Piero (Italy) showed form in the tradition of the World Cup.

Odyssey USA
USA players and fans make the Odyssey for their country. (original sign by me)

McBride for USA
Off to a superb start against Portugal. (McBride scores!)

Ja Fans

Lineup USA against Germany
A lineup to be remembered: USA takes on Germany in Best 8 game.

USA Goal
Still confusion about the USA's scoring and referee's rule interpretations. Alas, what could have been with USA.

Claudio Class
Until Next time, the Odyssey moves on.

Brazil fans
And USA's departure opens the door for opportunistic Brazil to capture another title.